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About Us

Highlands GeoExchange specialises in the design and installation of heating, cooling, pool heating and hot water solutions powered by geothermal energy. We have an enviable reputation for delivering bespoke systems that are sustainable, efficient and cost effective using the best heat pump technology in the world. We are dedicated to environmental sustainability and to promoting energy efficient heating and cooling systems that result in lower carbon emissions.

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As heating and cooling can account for nearly two thirds of the energy costs of an average home, we carefully design our systems to ensure they work at optimal efficiency. That’s why we like to consult with builders, architects and homeowners early in the building and design process when we can be of most value.

Our systems are engineered to the precise specifications of the home or commercial building including the size, aspect and level of insulation. A heat load report is prepared detailing the exact amount of energy a home or building will need throughout the year to heat and/or cool. From there, we can design a geothermal system that fits your specifications and comfort levels perfectly.

By employing Highlands GeoExchange to install your environmentally friendly heating and cooling system, you are choosing one of the most experienced geothermal installers in Australia. Our team completes all works and we only use subcontractors for specialised tasks such as bore hole drilling.

You can expect the highest quality work from our experienced and passionate team who are all trained in geothermal technology. Geothermal is our core business and we install systems throughout NSW including new homes, extensions, retrofits and smaller commercial projects.

Highlands GeoExchange, Geothermal Energy, Installation
Highlands GeoExchange, Geothermal Energy, Maintenance

Your new geothermal system is a long-term investment and Highlands GeoExchange will be there to provide support well after the job is completed. We are very proud of our after-sales service and maintenance which is important to ensure the ongoing efficiency and longevity of your system.

Highlands GeoExchange can provide water quality checks, air filter checks/cleaning, equipment performance and correct operation checks to keep your system performing at its best all year round.

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