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Ecoforest is now in Australia

Highlands GeoExchange is delighted to be the national distributor of Ecoforest heat pumps across Australia and New Zealand. We signed an agreement with Ecoforest last year after HGX Managing Director, Richard Jefford visited the manufacturing facility in Vigo, Spain to view the products and discuss this exciting and innovative technology.

Ecoforest offers a full range of inverter driven heat pumps which can be installed in many different configurations and require fewer external accessories because of their intuitive design. There is also more versatility in the energy source options offered in the ecoGEO range of water sourced heat pumps with 1-9kW, 3-12kW and 5-22kW versions available. What’s more the ecoGEO compact has an inbuilt 165 litre tank which means this machine can heat, cool and provide hot water for domestic use all in the one product (there is no external hot water tank required). Ecoforest is currently obtaining Watermark certification for the Compact range and it should be available in Australia in the next few months.

Ecoforest also manufactures a high-power ecoGEO machine for large residential and commercial projects with an energy range of up to 100kW. These machines can simultaneously heat and cool, be controlled through the internet and have integrated cascade control of up to 6 units.

The cost of running a geothermal system can be prohibitive for many people and the Ecoforest technology means the cost of an installation can be reduced. The ecoGEO unit can run 100% geothermal or a hybrid combination (geothermal/aerothermal) depending on needs and budget.

Over the last few months, Highlands GeoExchange has installed several Ecoforest machines in some of our residential projects across southern NSW. In one project, the ecoGEO heat pump is delivering heating via a topping slab and radiator panels, cool air through a central ducted fan coil unit and domestic hot water. This installation is running with a 100% aerothermal connection using an Ecoforest dry cooler to keep the capital cost reasonable.

Late last year, Ecoforest engineer Adrian Perez conducted training on the Ecoforest range of heat pumps for installers/contractors at presentations in Sydney and Melbourne. More training sessions are planned this year.

For further information about the Ecoforest range of heat pumps contact Highlands GeoExchange.

Ecoforest is now in Australia, Highlands GeoExchange, exclusive distributor


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