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Our geothermal systems use water-based hydronics to distribute the energy around your home. We use a central heating and cooling system for this. This is a more cost effective and eco-friendly method than conventional heating and cooling systems for homes. Hydronic heating and cooling can be delivered by running water through in slab piping, radiator panels, towel rails and fan coil units. What’s more, excess energy can be leveraged to heat your pool, spa and domestic hot water.

There is nothing more luxurious than a warm floor under your feet on a cold winter night. Hydronic underfloor heating delivers the ultimate in comfortable living because it radiates warmth to every corner of your home evenly and uniformly. Pipes laid in the concrete slab circulate warm water around the home to distribute the heat. As the water heats up the floor, it creates a thermal mass and less energy is needed to maintain an even temperature. This technology makes it the right choice for hydronic heating and cooling.

This luxurious radiant heating is clean, safe and reliable with no noise, fumes or dust particles. Underfloor heating is very versatile and works with many different floor types, including timber. Each room can be individually controlled so you can decide which areas to heat. Cooling the slab is also possible by running chilled water through the pipes, but condensation needs to be managed. There are two methods of installing underfloor heating in homes – in slab and topping slab. It’s the best way to harness smarter heating and cooling.

Hydronic heating via a network of radiators uses a combination of radiant and convective heat to centrally warm any home. The hydronic based system transports water through pipework to each individual radiator or towel rail and emits a cosy, even heat. Radiators can heat up an area quickly and are very energy efficient. The temperature in each room can be controlled and radiators turned off when not in use. This turns the way you heat your house into a smart process – rather than heating it all at the same time, you heat only the areas you actually use.

While radiators take up more space than floor heating, there are hundreds of different styles and sizes to complement any décor – from ornate cast iron radiators to sleek flat panel radiators. They can be installed on walls, under the floor, behind mirrors and furniture or even as artworks. This kind of design flexibility is one of the things that makes the geothermal heating system ideal for modern hydronic heating and cooling.

Hydronic fan coil units operate at lower temperatures and push a constant, comfortable supply of heated or chilled air into the space being conditioned. Water travels through piping from the heat pump or buffer tank to each fan coil unit located in the home. A fan in the unit pushes air over a heated or chilled coil and into the room. This means they are ideal for doubling up as heating and air conditioning units.

There are many types of fan coil units including radiator and cassette style units that can be installed on a wall. Other units can be positioned in the ceiling or floor and are hidden behind a grille outlet. Small fan coil units are easily installed in individual rooms while a bigger fan coil unit can be connected to ducting to heat and cool larger areas of the home. Room temperatures are controlled by a remotely wired thermostat.

A ground source heat pump can divert heat to a water coil tank and provide a dedicated supply of domestic hot water for use in the home. This means that while your system is delivering hydronic heating through the floor or radiators, it can also supply heated water for all the home’s domestic needs (kitchen, laundry and bathrooms).

Pool heating with geothermal energy makes year-round swimming highly affordable. A geothermal system uses the infinite, renewable solar energy stored in the earth to keep your swimming pool or spa running all year at a fraction of the cost of other systems. We can design a solution for any size swimming pool or spa and heat it up to 40°C or higher if desired.

Our heat pumps are extremely energy efficient as they take most of the energy they need from their surrounding environment. This means they cost less to run and can save the average homeowner up to 70% on their energy bills.

Geothermal heat pumps are installed inside to avoid exposure to the elements, which contributes to a long lifespan. They require little maintenance and do not generate any flame or smoke. Highlands GeoExchange supplies and installs a wide range of Ecoforest products that cover geothermal, aerothermal and hybrid combinations.

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