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Underfloor heating – can you afford it?

Nothing beats the luxurious feeling of a warm floor under your feet on a cold and frosty morning. But the cost of running an electric or gas underfloor heating system in the middle of winter can be exorbitant. Many people turn off their systems and put on an extra jumper because they can’t afford to run them.

A hydronic heating system powered by geothermal energy could be the solution. Not only is it more affordable, the floor is heated evenly and consistently to every corner of the home, offering a more superior level of comfort all year round.

Water runs through the pipes laid in the slab or concrete screed and is heated to a desired temperature. Hydronic heating systems connected to a ground source heat pump run at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, heating up the slab, which then acts as a thermal mass and retains the heat for hours. However, the slab must be well insulated or most of the heat will be lost into the ground or through the external walls, doors and windows.

Your radiant underfloor system can also be used for cooling provided the humidity is controlled.

Underfloor heating systems are not as reactive as ducted air systems because the slab takes longer to heat up or cool down. But once the desired temperature is reached, it is the most luxurious form of heating for humans. In fact, it is one of the features our clients consistently mention when asked what they like best about their geothermal heating and cooling systems.

The pipe (Auspex Radiant) used in our systems has a 25 year guarantee which means it will last for years. The warranty offered on electric floor heating can be as low as 5 years.

Contact Highlands GeoExchange today to discover how much you can save with a geothermal hydronic heating and cooling system for your new or existing home.

Underfloor heating – can you afford it? Highlands GeoExchange


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